Examples Of Good Topic Sentence With An Example Paragraph For An Essay

A topic sentence is considered as one of the most important sentences in a paragraph of an essay. Sometimes, a topic sentence is also known as a focus sentence. With the help of an effective topic sentence, it is easy for us to organize the ideas within that paragraph. If we talk about the formal writing of an essay, then we come to know that it is the first sentence of a paragraph for an essay. If you are not able to create the best quality topic sentences for the different paragraphs of an essay, then you should try to get help from the essay writing services. Some examples of good topic sentences with example paragraphs for an essay are given below;

Example number 1

“There are many reasons behind the worst pollution in the world.”

The first reason for the worst pollution in the world is that there are a lot of emissions from the industrial plants. Moreover, their manufacturing activities also become a cause of the pollution. Secondly, the combustion from the different kinds of the fossil fuels also a major issue for the worst pollution in the world. Thirdly, the farming chemicals and some other kind of the household products are also a cause of the worst pollution in the world. Fourthly, there are also some natural causes like forest fires that can also become the cause of air pollution in the world. Fifthly, there are a lot of developing countries that burn the charcoal and crop wastes for the purpose of cooking and heating. This thing also becomes the cause of worst pollution in the world.

Example number 2

“There requires some essential qualities if you want to become an effective CEO.”

No doubt, a CEO is an ideal person for the other employees. Therefore, he/she should have some effective qualities. In these qualities, first of all, there comes the ability of a CEO to learn from the past. Secondly, a CEO is a leader of a firm or an organization. Therefore, a CEO should have impressive communication skills with the employees. Thirdly, it is impossible for a CEO to get success without enjoying a healthy relationship with the clients and coworkers. Therefore, a CEO should have the quality to enjoy healthy relationships with the clients and coworkers. Fourthly, a CEO should have enough confidence to deal with all the matters in an effective way. Fifthly, a CEO should have a compromising personality. Due to this compromising personality, he/she can easily understand the problems of the coworkers in an effective way.

Example number 3

“There requires a lot of skills to cook something.”

To become a successful chef is not as an easy task as one thinks. To become a successful chef, you should try to take the cooking process just like a science experiment. For this reason, you should try to give attention to the details. Secondly, you should have enough business sense. Thirdly, you should have some creative learning skills. Fourthly, there come some motivational skills. Fifthly, there come some multitasking skills.