Pros and Cons of Distance Learning for Elementary School Students

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Distance learning has become very common now a day. Even distance learning has become the need for hours because of pandemics. Pandemic has changed the system of whole world to a great extent. Online working and learning are common to see. So many schools started classes at the institute on alternate days. But it did not work for long. They have to close institutes at the end. Online working and classes both have some advantages as well as disadvantages. The pandemic has not over yet. Most of the parents are worried about the situation. No one is sure if distance learning will prolong or stop. At the start of pandemic, students and teachers have faced so many issues in distance learning. Teachers were not familiar with many features. The same was the case with students. But now, things have changed so much. Now it becomes easy to handle things. Most of the schools arranged training sessions for teachers and students. Distance learning has not remained a big issue in European countries because they came up with proper training. Even before using online tools, they practised it. But in the case of Asian countries, it remained a serious issue. Thus distance learning affected the education system to a great extent.

But now everyone is well familiar with all features of online tools. Just like everything else, distance learning also has some pros and cons. Let’s discuss these pros and cons in detail.

Pros of Distant Learning

  1. Cost-Effective

Distance learning has been in practice from a year. There is no need to wake up, get ready, travel for miles, and attend the class in distance learning.  Students who have to travel for long miles drain most of their energy in travelling. Also, they have to pay for it. So distance learning is so much cost-effective in this context. You do spend money in the form of rent. Student just woke up and open laptop. For elementary students, parents help them to log in and then students follow the teacher’s instructions. For elementary school students, distance learning has many advantages. In distance learning, they do not have to buy unhygienic lunches. So it becomes easy to maintain health of the children. Although students still have to buy books, notes and stationery. But, it is cost-effective.

  1. Flexible System

Distance learning is way more flexible as compared to physical learning. In physical classes, students have to rush for the bus and catch the driver. Students have to be at school on time. While in distance learning, student has the flexibility to join Class. There may be some login issues, so teachers understand such issues and remain flexible. There are many more aspects where students enjoy flexibility. For example, submission of assignments. In assignment submission, teachers remain lenient. Students can work at any time. They may sleep just after classes and work in the evening. Or whatever is feasible to them.  In physical classes, they have to travel after school to reach home. It consumes so much time and energy.

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Cons of Distant Learning

  1. Excessive Screen Time

It is very common to observe that everyone use phone on daily basis. Even school students use it for cartoons and games. And now distance learning is also on phones or laptops. All this has increased screen timing for students. And long screen timing is very dangerous for health. It causes permanent anxiety and stress. The rate of depression is increasing because of long screen time. Students have to attend classes on screen. After that, they use tablets or phones for games. And again, they watch cartoons on TV. In short, they have to face screen till they do not sleep. It has bad effects on the body posture of students. Also, it affects the eyesight of students in early stages.

  1. Less Social Circle

No doubt there are so many advantages of distance learning. But it has affected the mental health of students to a great extent. According to the essay writing services firm, distance learning has reduced the level of in-person meetings up to zero. And it has made students feel lonely.  They do not get time to go outside and have fun. At school, they find an opportunity to take part in different games. But at home, social interaction came to a very low level. And isolation is not a good thing for elementary school students. Isolation also causes frustration and depression in students. Schools are working on arranging some gaming activities by online means. It again has more bad effects. It causes an increase in screen time.