Why It Is Best To Write Introduction To Your Dissertation After Completing Remaining Parts?

Each chapter of the dissertation is important as it is required to communicate every single point and step of the research process so the reader can get a complete understanding of the phenomenon you researched and research process. The first thing of focus of a reader for your dissertation is the introduction as it gives a complete overview of research and it also develops expectations about the content written. This is why you need to put some extra attention to this chapter, as you are required to add points of each section in your introduction so it is not possible to write each point clearly and exactly you are going to do before you have done. So the best way and time to write introduction chapter of your dissertation is the last step of dissertation writing.

Here, you might have some questions that it is always required to check each chapter of the dissertation to the supervisor and move to another chapter after approval of the advisor so how can one skip such an important chapter to write it at the end. Writing introduction chapter at the end does not mean to skip it at the start, no doubt introduction chapter of your dissertation is giving you a path as well as for your reader. So always make an outline or add key points in introduction chapter that you want to cover throughout the content of dissertation. It will enable you to keep on the track without being distracted and wasting time by adding some irrelevant or extra points in the content. Keeping in mind the importance of introduction chapter of dissertation, you can divide the process of writing this chapter in two parts, first is prior the completion of other chapters and second is completing it at the end of writing process;

  • Writing Draft of the Chapter

This is like preparing an outline by adding key points required to add in chapter and points of the whole content. You need to make a draft by adding statements of the introduction of topic and key terms that are going to be discussed in further content. You need to add points of research proposal like research significance, research questions and research statements. Further is the introduction and briefing of each chapter of the dissertation, this is the point where you need to add hints instead of putting a complete sense of chapter in the draft of introduction chapter. In this way, you will get an outline for the further writing process and as well content to show your supervisor and I am sure it will be approved so you can continue writing a dissertation.

  • Completing the Introduction Chapter

This is the key point of this article; you need to edit a draft of introduction chapter so it can be finalized to add the final copy of the dissertation. This is meant to ease reading for the reader, after completion of all chapters you are able to put the exact meaning of given hints that will automatically build the true perception of research.