Criminal Justice Leadership And Issues In Diversity College Essay

An essay is a long piece of writing that a student writes on a particular topic or issue. Actually, the main meaning and purpose of writing an essay are to give complete information about a special issue. After reading an essay, we can judge its advantages and disadvantages in a clear mirror. Without any proper information, we are unable to highlight our point of view about any particular topic. Criminal justice leadership is very serious issue in our society. It has many negative effects on the lives of the people. Here, the professional writers of essay writing services will write an essay on criminal justice leadership and issue in diversity.

Criminal justice

Actually, the criminal justice system is related to believe of the people of U.S.A. It is their faith, because, they like to develop them as a diverse nation. The main belief and their culture depend on unbiased justice system. A country cannot gain success with weak justice system. Most American don’t like to jury their duties, because, they have many common ways and method to interact with criminal justice system. The main forms of criminal justice system are police, court and prison. However, this justice system is facing many problems related to leadership or security. But, the real purpose of the justice system is the safety of the citizens. They think that all people should be protected in their homes. Actually, the basic problem is cultural diversity. Let’s discuss what culture and leadership diversity is in the justice system and what the issues that justice system is facing are.

Culture diversity

As we know that different people are living in the state of U.S.  However, every person has its own purpose to live in this country. But, the basic and large students are living for their studies. So, they develop their culture. Every country has its own culture, customs and norms. With the cluster of cultures, it looks very difficult to identify the pure culture of the American people. Not only culture but behavior diversity is another problem. For example, most people possess extreme passions and behavior and in many ways they leave negative impact over the mind of other’s people.

Two forms of diversity

If we discuss the main types of diversity then we will discuss bias and stereotype. Stereotype thinking is leading to personal leadership and this main cause of criminal justice. Actually, our brain makes different decisions and it depends on a peaceful environment. However, ambiguous situation leads to the people to bias and they don’t follow their laws. In their extreme thinking, they would like to make their own laws and rules. When people make their own rules and regulation then they call to diversity in their country. However, the main point is that justice system should be very powerful and people should be forced to follow all the rules and regulations of their country.  Police and profiling should finish racism from the country in order to overcome all justice system issues. The culture of skin and racism should be changed and the main target of profiling should be given justice to the citizens.