Understanding Types of Academic Writing and Difference Between Them

Understanding Types of Academic Writing

There is an utmost importance of the academic writing skills in the life of a student. Its reason is that during school, he has to write short essays. At the college level, he has to write laboratory reports. At the university level, he has to write a lengthy piece of academic papers in the form of thesis and dissertation. While creating these different types of academic papers, the students have to use different types of academic writing skills. There are four main types of academic writing skills. These four types of academic writing skills are descriptive academic writing, persuasive writing, expository writing and narrative writing. The main differences between these four types of academic writing are given below;

Descriptive Academic Writing:

If you have to describe some objects, persons, places and experiences, you will have to adopt descriptive writing. You just need to analyze these things and paint a picture in your words. The main requirement of this type of writing is to convey a deeper meaning of a specific thing in your words. You should convey it in such a way that readers will imagine this scene in front of their eyes. While writing an academic paper by using descriptive writing, you should follow a specific structure. You should get into the action from the beginning of the academic paper. You should not use round-about paragraphs in it. You should elaborate on your main points straightforwardly. This structure of academic writing increases the quality of your academic paper. According to a coursework writing service, the main characteristics of the descriptive academic writing are given below;

  • While adopting descriptive academic writing, you will have to adopt many vivid sensory details. These sensory details paint a picture of your academic paper. These sensory details also make your academic paper appealing for the users.
  • If you want to make it appealing for the readers, you will have to use figurative language. Figurative language means that you will have to use similes, metaphors and analogies in your academic paper.
  • You should also use precise language while writing descriptive academic papers.
  • Another important tip to describe it effectively is to organize the data.

Persuasive Academic Writing:

With the help of persuasive writing, you will have to convince the readers to believe in your ideas and opinions. After believing in your ideas and opinions, you will have to persuade the readers to take actions. That’s why writers use persuasive writing skills while writing reviews, reaction papers and editorials to influence the readers. The main characteristics of the persuasive academic writing are given below;

  • The first step to write an academic paper by adopting persuasive writing skills is to choose a position. It means that they should think about the issue and they should also try to pick the side that they want to advocate.
  • The writers should also try to understand the perspective of the readers.
  • In a persuasive academic paper, you will have to present solid and convincing evidence. Therefore, you should conduct effective research.
  • You should also consider opposing opinions.

Expository Academic Writing:

The way of conveying factual information is known as expository writing. By expository academic writing skills, you can learn and explore the world around you. The expository writing is not only present in the academic setting but its applications are present at all the places around us. Some essential characteristics of the expository academic writing skills are given below;

  • You should start it from where you know the information best. It means that you don’t need to write the introduction and then other parts of the essay.
  • You should understand that readers have limited attention span. Therefore, you should keep it clear and concise.
  • Most of the people think that expository writing is just based on their opinions. It is not true because you can also present facts in it.
  • The voice and the tone of the expository essay should be clear.

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Narrative Academic Writing:

If you have to narrate a specific event or situation, you will have to make use of the narrative academic writing. The main aim of narrative writing is to explain the story engagingly and interestingly. This is also necessary to ensure the sequence in the fictional and non-fictional events. Some essential characteristics of the narrative academic writing are given below;

  • You will have to define all the events in the story. The collection of these events is known as the plot of the story.
  • The writers have to explain all the characters by describing their actions, thoughts and speech.
  • The writers have to discuss the place and timing of the events in the form of setting.
  • The general order and the shape of the story are also explained.
  • At last, there comes the theme of the story. The theme of the story makes it memorable for the readers.