5 Points to Remember When Going for Dissertation Viva

Dissertation Viva

When you are working on your dissertation, you must understand that you will have to defend your thesis in front of an examination panel. The main reason behind this defense is that the committee or the panel wants to see how well you have worked on the research and how well-prepared you are for the task. You must prepare well for the viva and make sure that you make a good impression on the panel members so that they determine the extent of your hard work and grade you highly. This article discusses the top 5 points shared by a dissertation writing service that you need to keep in mind when going for dissertation viva to prepare the right way and impress the panel of examiners.

Know What Is Expected From You:

Before appearing before the panel, you must know what is expected of you and do the needful to succeed.  Viva is an oral test, and it is a focused discussion that allows you to defend your work in front of academic experts. The research that you have conducted, the points you have come up with, and the pieces of evidence you have presented will be discussed in person in an interview-style exam that will be conducted by at least two people or examiners. After this discussion, they will provide you a joint written report that contains the details regarding any corrections that need to be made. You must understand that the viva exam can be intellectually demanding, and you will be dealing with complex issues, so it is necessary to be prepared for questions and know everything about the paper in detail to answer the questions.

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Know Your Paper Inside Out:

This is not a memory test, but it is very close to one because you will be questioned regarding the work you have done in the dissertation. You must fully understand what you have written and should have complete knowledge about the field of study. You will have to think clearly of the questions that might come up during the viva such as about the background of the research, the future outcome of this research, and the problems that might occur in conducting further investigation in this field. You must have everything in mind and satisfy the committee members that you know the research and its results inside out.

Prepare For Likely Asked Questions:

When you are doing for dissertation viva, you must be ready for all the likely asked questions as this will give you a chance to answer their questions. You have conducted research, written the paper, and know all about the study and its results, and you are the best person to address any concerns regarding it. The questions will come from your research and dissertation only, what it is all about, what you have done, what you have found, and why this matters with the field of study, so when you are preparing for the viva, get ready for the questions that are most likely to be asked.

Get To Know Your Examiners’ Work:

The people who will be conducting the viva are senior and well-known academics who have their ideas regarding research and dissertation writing. It will benefit you to look at their academic profiles online to see if there is any correlation between the research they have carried out and your work. This will give you a better idea of their motivation, their views on your work, and the kind of questions they might put forward after going through your work. Going through the latest theories and recent papers on the subject will help to answer the questions most efficiently and get in the good books of the examiner.

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Prepare Well Before The Viva Date:

Start preparing for the viva as soon you get the date; start working backward and plan the steps that need to be taken for collecting all the necessary information so that you have ample time to assess and review your work. You must focus on practicalities and be ready with everything, and you should also be well-rested and relax so that you feel fresh and ready to take on anything that comes your way. Avoid any situations that make you feel stressed and adopt a positive attitude that helps you make the best possible start. All you need to remember when going for a dissertation viva is that it is all about your research and the dissertation you have written. The examiners want to check out your depth of knowledge and understanding of the subject, and you must present your best effort to enjoy success.