How to Analyse Any Text Critically

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Criticism is something that refers to an action of gaining some useful verdicts and arguments about the positive or good and the negative or bad abilities and characters of some individual, place, movie, news report, a novel or a record.  Criticism could be positive or minus, it entirely depends upon the personal opinions of the proofreader or the writer that what he/she want to taper out in any text or someone in the form of positive or negative critique. To criticize something you need to have all information about it, so that you may like or dislike something with logical arguments and reasons.

There are different kinds of criticism, you can criticize a person because of his/her attitude, you can also criticize any thing according to its qualities. If you want to criticize a writing stuff like story, novel, book or poem, you necessitate to be aware of certain details.

If you want to criticize any text you need to read about it very keenly and check that whether you can critically think about it or not. Read the summarize, logic and background of that specific text with perfect absorption.

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First of all to criticize any write-up you ought to identify the works of the author. Understand the whole text with unadulterated preoccupation. Check that whether text is original or not, either it is related to the subject or not. Check out that whether the writer of that text has given the solutions of the problems that has been discussed in the text or not?

Secondly, you ought to note down all the main ideas of the academic and formal write-up. Most of the writers used to give ideas and logics about their works in the topic sentence of every paragraph. You can check whether an author has given it in his/her work or not?

Thirdly, you need to read each and everything related to that write-up. If you don’t understand any word, sentence, idea or idiom you can always take help from internet to reach out the meanings and concept about that. Many of the writers uses some difficult terminologies in their work that are very problematic for readers to understand. You can always criticize this point in their writings and so on.

The next step is that you need to explain each and everything related to the text that you are going to criticize. Identify the positive and the negative points from the text and discuss all of these points briefly.  Evaluate each and every point with a critical eye. Point out all the unusual and relevant points in the text and discuss them critically.

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If you feel like as if you are having any problem while criticizing any text you can also take help from some books and authors with their examples of criticism. In English literature, there are numerous authors and poets who have criticized many books, novels and poems with their positive as well as a negative point of views. You can always take help from those writers.