How leadership influences students to learn

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Leadership has enormous effects on the learning of students. About ¼ of indirect and direct effects on learning of students is due to leadership. Leaders have greater influence on the under performing students, therefore developing the leadership capacity in these types of schools should be part of any school improvement efforts.

As the leadership has three basic practices such as redesigning organization, developing people and setting directions. All these practices help to influence the students to learn. Leadership skills will help to direct the students to do a particular work. By setting the directions, students will be more comfortable to focus on a particular goal. It will help them to follow a path in order to achieve the goal.

Developing a shared vision assists as the outline/agenda for goals and vision. These goals can be used to motivate or influence students and helping them make sense of their work.

A good leadership helps to promote effective communication, monitor the organizational performance and help in developing people. It also helps in providing the intellectual stimulation that influence students learn.

A good leader can also influence students to learn by providing individual need and support in their tasks or difficulties. Developing a good, communication also motivate students to learn. A good leader will maintain and develop the communication among students so that they can easily integrate with him. The good relationship between the leader and students will also motivate them in learning process because they feel more confident when collaborating with leaders.

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A good leader strengthens the district and school culture, build collaborative processes and modify organizational structure. Leadership can influence the team performance for the achievement of goals. A good leader will motivate students to learn by assigning them difficult task to complete within a specified period.

However, the motivation factors differ across an organization, but there are many qualities of leadership that are common to successful leadership. A good leader should have quality to understand organizational culture and create a clear vision in order to influence the goal achievement. Moreover, with the leadership ability to encourage innovation and focus on performance development also helps to influence students for learning.

A good leader will motivate student to bring new innovative ideas in order to develop himself or herself. Moreover, leaders should have clear vision regarding the good achievement. A good leader knows how to take work from students in order to enhance their learning process.

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The development and coaching of leaders provide the context for the students in order to contribute to the achievement of goals.  A good leader allows the students to evaluate their own performance and access the success areas and opportunities that will yield benefits. The students should be engaged in the discussion of performance development.

The leader should build the environment of understanding and respect in order to influence the students to learn. The leader should understand the behavioural pattern of students in order to better motivate them.  A good leader should consider the contests and recognition programs in order to influence students to learn.