Tips On Doing a Quick Literature Review

A literature review is one of the most important types of a scholarly paper. The main aim of writing a literature review is to provide an overview of the current knowledge of a particular subject area. This current knowledge may include substantive findings, theoretical, and methodological contributions to this topic. A literature review is written by adopting secondary research methodology. Therefore, it contributes nothing to the original experimental or theoretical work. If you are not able to write a literature review, then you can get help from the academic writing services. The most important tips to do a quick literature review are given below;

1)    Understand the main objectives of a literature review

There are four main objectives of a literature review. In these objectives, first of all, there comes the survey of the literature. This survey should be conducted in your chosen area of study. In the second, there comes the synthesis of the information. This synthesis of the information should be done in a summarized way. Thirdly, there comes the critical analysis of the information. This critical analysis identifies the gap in the current knowledge. At last, you will have to present the literature in a well-organized way.

2)    Identification and analysis of the literature

To identify the literature relevant to your topic idea, you should try to familiarize yourself with the online databases. The best way to identify the online database is to conduct keyword research. For this identification, you can commence a general descriptor, redefine your topic, and identify your landmark. The analysis of the literature should depend upon three steps. In the first step, you should try to take an overview of the articles. While taking an overview of the articles, you should try to focus only on an abstract, introduction, and the conclusion of each article. In the second, you should try to group the articles into different categories. At last, you should try to take notes by reading out these articles.

3)    Summarize the literature

You can summarize the information that is conducted from the different articles in the concept map or tabular form. The best way to create a table or concept map is to use Microsoft Office. You can easily create tables by using the Excel. The importance of using Excel is that it provides you a lot of factors to create a table or concept map. You can keep three columns on the table or concept map by using Excel. In these three columns, you can write definitions of the key terms, possible research methodologies that are used by the different authors, and summary of the results.

4)    Writing the literature review

To write down the literature review, you should try to identify the problem areas instead of the global statements. In the beginning of the literature review, you should try to provide an explanation that why is it important for you to write down a literature review. To provide an identification about the research findings that are adopted by the different authors is also necessary for you. If a particular landmark is replicated, then never forget to discuss the results of that landmark in your literature review. Never forget to provide a description about the other literature reviews that are written by the other authors related to your topic idea. At last, you should try to check the fluency of your arguments that you have provided in the literature review.